Friday، 7 May 2021

Five reference hospitals for COVID-19 in the province of Lorestan have been equipped

Ehsan Naser, a member of the directive board of Lorestan Chamber of Commerce stated that after the Nafas campaign was initiated, Lorestan Chamber of Commerce joined this campaign by procuring needed items for fighting the COVID-19 virus, such as thermometers, masks, etc and distributing them among NGO’s in the less developed areas of the province.

After this, we noticed that hospitals of the province are weak in terms of equipment and necessities related to COVID-19, thus we attended to this need and today the first batch of amenities, consisting of 1,000 N95 masks, 3,000 three layer masks, 2,500 isolated clothing for the medical staff and 5 thermometers was dispatched to the Imam Khomeini hospital in the city of Aleshtar, which is a major center for fighting COVID-19. Also, we are procuring necessary equipment such as ventilators, oximeters, isolated clothing, etc for 5 main hospitals of the province, which will be delivered in the near future.

Also Lorestan Chamber of Commerce donated 350 million tomans to the Nafas campaign today.

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